Air Patrols
Keeping an eye on your wellsite, pipeline, project and crews.

Nothing sees the area better than an eye in the sky. Help keep your crew and projects safe with Air Jasper air patrols.

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Air Jasper:
Air Jasper is a fixed wing charter company based out of the Jasper/Hinton airport. We operate Cessna Turbo 210 aircraft specializing in pipeline patrols and fire detection.

Air Patrols:
Our aircraft are equipped with GPS Navigation and Satellite Tracking. The Cessna 210 has a 900-mile range with a high wing strutless design and retractable landing gear, which provides excellent visibility.

Marty Pendrak
Owner - Operations Manager

Box 5222  Hinton, Alberta  Canada T7V 1X4
phone: (780) 865-3616  fax: (780) 865-3422  Toll Free Alberta: (877) 865-3617

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