Airplane Tours in the Canadian Rockies Jasper National Park Alberta
Columbia Icefields and Maligne Lake Scenic Aerial Tours with Air Jasper

This air tour is a must for those who want to experience the Canadian Rockies in all their majesty.

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Columbia Icefields
Columbia Icefields Air Tour
Maligne Lake
Maligne Lake Air Tour

Columbia Icefields:
The Columbia Icefield is the largest of the chain of icefields along the Great Divide separating Alberta and British Columbia. Columbia Icefields is home to the some of the tallest peaks in Alberta, Mt. Columbia, North Twin, South Twin, Mt. Kitchener, The Stuttfields, Mt. Bryce, Snow Dome and the The Athabasca Glacier.

Maligne Lake:
The longest and the deepest lake in the Rockies, Maligne Lake is known internationally for its deep azure colour and snow-capped mountains. Maligne Lake is the second largest glacier-fed lake in the world, stretching 22km(14 mi.). It has been said, "Anyone who visits Maligne Lake in Jasper is bound to feel next to heaven."

Air Tour:
See sights you'll never see from a bus or by car. We start along the Athabasca River Valley flying over Jasper townsite and along the Winston Churchill Range and Columbia Icefield. On the second part of our Columbia Icefields tour, we swing north cruising between the Queen Elizabeth and Maligne Mountain Ranges with a breathtaking view of Maligne Lake. Descending past Rocky River and Roche Miette our air journey is complete. What would take months of hiking and is inaccessible by road you will see in an hour with Air Jasper.

Columbia Icefields - Maligne Lake Tour is $197.00 CDN per person and is 1.2 hours long.  If you would like to combine the Columbia Icefields/Maligne Lake Tour and the Mt. Robson - Amethyst Lake Tour the cost is $285.00 CDN per person and it is 1.8 hours long.

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